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Aug 01, 2013 at 12:54 PM

SPS6 Core Data Services - Maintained DDL entity not updating catalog object



Implementing CDS DDL on AWS SPS6. I had an issue with entity columns refering to table types, as described here:

To try and move forward with development, I decided to respecify the two fields individually, rather than as a table type (flat structure with multiple fields).

So I redeclared table type fields as testf1 and testf2 in the hdbdd. I commited and activated the changed hdbdd successfully, but when examining the catalog table object definition it had not changed (still refering to old field names). I dropped the table (in actual fact right clicked catalog entry and selected delete), and recommited/activated the hdbdd artefact.

The table has not been re-created.

Unless I'm missing something the hdbdd specification does not seem to update existing catalog objects correctly.

Thanks for any help, as I'd like to continue with CDS as I prefer the declarative and reusage capabilities.