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Aug 01, 2013 at 12:27 PM

Unable to set "Right to retrieve the repository password from the CMC"



I just downloaded DS 4.1 files listed in Marketplace fror this version.

I installed them on the same Linux RedHat server. FIles installed are

IPS 4.0 : SBOP INFORMATION PLAT SVCS 4.0 SP04 LINUX (64B) (part 51043631_part1.exe and 51043631_part2.rar that I expanded under Windows, as this is a autoextractible rar, and copied them on my server with FileZilla)

Data Services 4.1 : SBOP DATA SERVICES 4.1 WITH SP01 LINUX (64B) (expanded under Windows with 7zip and copied on my server with FileZilla)

Both files were checke with SHA Checksum validator : I found no error for IPS, but a lot of files missing for Data Services, but these semm related to other OS as Solaris, Windows and so on.

I performed the installation with no error nor warning of any kind. When I look in the databases, all the tables seem to be there.

I can log into the CMC without any problem, but I Data Services is listed only in the "Applications" panel and only for user security settings.

I also installed the Designer and the repository manager on my PC. The designer is unable to connect to the local repository telling that the user I use is not allowed to retrive the repository password from the CMC.

Checking documentation and some discussion on scn site, I found that I have to set this right, but the way it is described suggests that a part of the application is missing in CMC as I am not able to find things as the repository folder for example.

Thinking of a bad installation, I deleted all the installation and proceeded once more, but with no success.

All the prerequisites are met on my server and my PC :

64 bit RedHat Linux server version 2.6.18-348.1.1.e15

64 bit Oracle server with 64 bit client on Redhat and windows


PC is 64 bit Windows 7

Did I miss something and what?

Thank you for your help,