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Aug 01, 2013 at 11:19 AM

PI queue issue when communication channel is stopped.


Hi Experts

I have a Proxy to JMS scenario. Message flows from SAP CRM to PI via Proxy and then to Biztalk via JMS receiver channel.

When I stop the JMS channel ideally I expected that the message should have stuck in SMQ2 queue. And later when I start the channel I can resend the message from SMQ2. However I don't see any message in queue. When i check RWB or config and monitoring, I see the message in error.

I cannot resend the error message also.

Is this a normal behavior? What could be wrong?

I feel PI will try to resend 3 times and if it still fails then it should put the message in queue in error or schedule state. Later we should be able to see the messages in SMQ2. Or queue should automatically reprocess from SMQ2 by the system jobs to process the queues.

I am using PI7.31.