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Aug 01, 2013 at 07:12 AM

Lockbox (FLBP) processing and posting of application document from FINSTA01 idoc


Hi All,

I require some clarifications regarding the lockbox processing of incoming customer payments, Please correct me if my understanding is wrong about the standard process ( although we have a slightly different process for out customer), I am only concerned about the EDI processing

  • Customer send payment to bank via the specific lockbox
  • Banks process the payments and send a file to the customer which is interpreted by the EDI subsystem to create 823 file with type FINSTA01 this is bank payment details
  • Customer send the remittance details via a flat file which is then converted into an 820 files (question here how both files EDI 823 & 820 would be matched while processing is the during the main lockbox processing ?
  • The program RDBAPP01 (BD20) using the FM IDOC_INPUT_LOCKBX is called to post bank statements, payment advices using EXIT_SAPLIEDP_201 to EXIT_SAPLIEDP_203
  • The above program update the tables FEBEP, FEBKO, AVIK and AVIP
  • The main lockbox program RFEBLB30 used for EDI file processing posts the to the G/L accounts as well as the subledger accounts for fully applied as well as for partially applied and un-applied payments
  • Post processing is done via FLB1 for partially applied and not applied payments

My biggest doubt here is how does the system recognize and match the EDI 820 & 823 files in standard SAP functionality, however we have Z program to merge and apply payments I am more concerned about the Standard SAP functionality,

Please Clarify my concerns

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