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Aug 01, 2013 at 05:11 AM

SUP - Hybrid application - Handling multiple MBO from same BAPI


Hi Experts

I'm new to SUP and mobile application development . My problem should be very common but I didn't find any existing discussion on the same.

I'm using a BAPI ( BAPI_MATERIAL_GET_ALL ) which returns multiple tables data . I need RETURN table and MATERIALDESCRIPTION table along with the CLIENTDATA which is a single row ( structure ). When I'm creating a MBO , it is actually creating 3 MBOs as I have multiple tables to be returned. First MBO for material, 2nd MBO for description and 3rd one for return .

Now , in one of the screens, I have to populate Material and Material description together which are part of two different MBOs. As there can be multiple descriptions , I have to pick up the english description only. As the Material MBOs object query will return just the clientdata attributes, how to can I get the description from the MATERIALDESCIPTION MBOs based on the material and language .

When I create an editable field in the hybrid application and try to bind the key , I can only see the parent MBO ( Material ) to bind .

So, in short, when we are getting multiple MBOs from the same BAPI ( as multiple tables are returning ) , how to get the data from the parent and child MBOs together to display in a Single hybrid application screen.

Any help will be appreciated .