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Jul 31, 2013 at 09:45 PM

GLEI Issue in MD04



As per our business design we are running single process order for multiple days. To distribute order qty between diff days we use GLEI key, which equally distribute qty between days.

Example: I'm starting my order at 1st Aug - 12pm running for 12 hr, next on 2nd Aug - running for 24 hrs, Next on 3rd Aug closing at 12pm - 12 hr.

My total order qty is 100 KG. Resource is running 24 * 7.

So in above example actually business is producing material on 1st Aug - 25 KG, 2nd Aug - 50 KG, 3rd Aug - 25 KG, but because we are using GLEI key it is equally distributing qty between days - 100 KG/ 3 days = 33.33 KG per day.

And sawing 33.33 KG qty against 1st, 2nd, 3rd Aug in MD04 transaction. I understood this GLEI standard functionality to equally distribute qty bet'n days, but our business wants to see actual qty in MD04.

Is there any possibility to do so? What about user exit/ BADI/ Enhancement to write some logic to pull correct qty in MD04 screen?