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Jul 31, 2013 at 03:51 PM

Time Management


Hi Time Expert's,

I have a written a PCR to generate quota's by checking condition like if its a holiday and same day is Rest day for an employee. we must give quota to that employee.

For example - in august if three holiday falls on rest day - 3 days of quota should be given on august month,

i have a written a PCR, by checking holiday class and Daily work schedule class(OFFD is the daily work schedule which has DwS class 5) when i run the schema its not considering DWS class, is there any mistake in my PCR, would you please let me know.

here is mine

while running schema for august 31st - holiday and restday (DWS =5)


May i know what would be reason, forgive me if any basic mistake in my PCR, as i am learning.