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Jul 31, 2013 at 10:26 AM

Error BM 312 after commit of Process Order confirmation


Hey Experts,

Some vexation power asserted me to ask this question in the forum, for I am now stuck! 😔

I am doing Process Order confirmation (final confirmation) using the following BAPIs in my custom inbound IDOC: -

BAPI_PROCORDCONF_GET_HDR_PROP : Proposes data for final order confirmation

BAPI_PROCORDCONF_CREATE_HDR: Does the final order confirmation

but when I am committing the confirmation, I am getting an error message - BM 312

*** Commit the confirmation
wait = 'X'.

IF sy-msgty EQ 'E' OR
sy-msgty EQ 'A'.


Strange enough, this error BM 312 is coming sometimes only.

A pattern noticed: Mostly it occurs only after first execution of IDOC to confirm the process order. After this error if i reprocess, status is OK.

So what did I try ?

1) I tried putting sufficient WAIT

2) Debugged the V2 updates

3) Searched for SAP notes

4) Put an extra commit too (stupid though, i understand).

5) Checked in T006 table and tcode CUNI for measurement units. Believe me, everything is just fine 😭

All attempts in vain !!! 😔

Somewhere in some SAP note, I read that if the confirmation is not properly saved then it does happen. But in my case, I am doing the simple Final Order Confirmation without doing the the automatic Goods Movements.

I have doing goods movement separately for other reasons and while doing so removing extra entries from COGI as well.

What bewilders me is: - What is going wrong and how do I check it ? (Ironically, when I debug, mostly it is working fine 😔).

If someone has had this weird error before, please suggest some way.

Thanks so much in advance!

Best Regards,