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Sep 19, 2005 at 10:15 AM

ChooseFromList behaviour differs from BusinessOne, a bug?


Hi there,

we are trying to migrate our add-on from 2004 to 2005. In 2004 we build our own copy from the SAP buildin ChooseFromList (CFL) form. Now as it is available from outside we like to use but have to state that the functionality is quite different from known Business One CFLs. In addition there is a serious problem if you try to enter something in the field where the CFL is assign to.


If you enter in a documentline of an invoice form a part of an article-code follow by '' the CFL interprets the '' as an joker for the search query.

But using the CFL in our forms causes following behaviour (In our add-on we use UDOs. One of the has the code 'Fahrer'):

- Using a blank edittext or a single '*' we get CFL with all data.

- Using a part of the code followed by a '' (like 'F') results in a CFL where the find field contains 'F', but the shown list is empty though we have data where the code filed starts with 'F' (like 'Fahrer').

- Using the whole correct code the CFL opens showing the whole code in the find field but the choose button is disabled. We have to cancel the action. But then - even the edittext on our form is valid - we can't leave the edittext with the CFL assign to.

What to do? We tried some solution but aren't very happy with the work-around we found:

Solution 1: Check if there is a valid entry in the edittext using a query when getting the CFL event and then we try to remove the CFL from the CFL collection. But that is impossible as there is not way to remove a CLF.

Solution 2: Check if there is a valid entry in the edittext using a query when getting the CFL event and click the next item. We have to do this in Grids, in normal items it seems to be possible to use the active form property. But in this way we produce a lot of unnecessary events and have to handle them.

Did anyone know another way to handle this problem? Is that an SAP Business One Bug which will be solved by SAP soon?

Has anyone some experiences with Grids? How to set the focus to a specified cell?

Thanks for every answer.