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Jul 30, 2013 at 05:04 PM

Method "wdDoModifyView" not triggered by included Web Dynpro component



I'm using NWDS 7.3. I'm using a Visual Composer model which, in turn, includes a Web Dynpro component.

The corresponding WD view (form) is opened in a popup by Visual Composer after the user clicks a button.

That popup will open a second popup (text search) that, when closed, will trigger a change in the first popup.

The problem is the mentioned change takes place in method "wdDoModifyView" (first popup - form), but that method is never executed.

Surprisingly, if I access the Web Dynpro view directly using a browser, everything works fine because the method "wdDoModifyView" is correctly executed.

Does anybody know what might be causing the method "wdDoModifyView" not to trigger? Is there any alternative?

Thanks and best regards,

-- Andre de Souza