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Jul 30, 2013 at 10:54 AM

How to run .NET1.1 application with CR9.1 under Windows7 with .NET3.5?


Hello All,

We are supporting a VS2003 application (.NET1.1) with CrystalReports 9.1.5000. This currently runs on target-PC's under WIndowsXP and also under Windows7 with .NET1.1 installed side-by-side with .NET3.5 SP1.

However I recently have a customer who no longer wants to install .NET1.1 on his Windows7-PC's. He wants to run the application directly under .NET3.5 SP1 and even also under WIndows8 with .NET4.

We hesitate to upgrade to VS2012 as this would require to much redesign and retesting.

So we tested the excisting application under Windows7 with .NET3.5 SP1 and without .NET1.1 installed. This is working perfectly except for where Crystal Reports are used. Then we receive 2 different error messages. At first: Query Engine Error (releated to <path>\Temp\report.rpt). Subsequent messages are: Load report failed.

Does anyone know a trick how to run this VS2003 application under Windows7 with .NET3.5 and without .NET1.1?