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Jul 30, 2013 at 08:44 AM

Confirmed Qty incorrectly updated thr SDV03V02


Hi experts,

Found that one Sales Order (refer SO as below) confirmed Qty was incorrectly updated from 1200 to 0 after our daily scheduled job - "SDV03V02" run this morning.

Details in Material Requirement List are as below -

1) Sales Order (SO) with Qty 1200; The SO was created on 11.07.2013 and Required Delivery date is 29.07.2013.

2) Production Order with Qty 1200 (to cover the SO); The Production Order was created around 12.07.2013, Order Start date is 12.07.2013, Order Finish date is 16.07.2013 and confirmed Production Order date is 29.07.2013 (960 Qty) and 30.07.2013 (240 Qty but confirmed after the scheduled job of this date).

3) Quotation with Qty 8; The Quotation was created on 25.07.2013 and Required Delivery date is 12.09.2013.

4) Planned Order with Qty 8 (to cover the Quotation); The Planned Order was created around 26.07.2013.

The confirmed Qty had ever been updated for the SO from 0 to 1200 on 12.07.2013, but incorrectly updated from 1200 to 0 on 30.07.2013.

Could you advise the cause and solution of the above problem ? Pls let me know if you need more info.


KH Fong