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Jul 30, 2013 at 08:44 AM

Calculation of new joing staff


Dear Sir,

We have craetef following PCR INP1 Partial factors for India - /801(CD), /802(WD), /803(WH),/804(Nom) and assigned each wage type processing class

10 = 2 Reduction with factor /802 and PCR are as under.

/802 Partial period factor 2


RTE-TAAU** Subtraction

RTE*KGENAU Multiplication


ADDWT * OT Output table

Accordingly system are calcualting correct pay for full month unpaid leave updated for staff but

If new employee join for that calculate wrong amount, Details are as under.

Joining date is 26.06.2013 but master created on 01.07.2013 hence system has not run the payroll during June month ,

Following is the payscale.

Basic Pay 9,000.00

House Rent Allowance 3,600.00

Uniform Allowance 400.00

During July month system has calculated June and July month pay which are as under.

July details :-

Basic Pay 9,000.00

House Rent Allowance 3,600.00

June month Details :- from 26.06.2013 to 30.06.2013 for five days. But following calculation is wrong.

Wrong calculation correct calculation

Basic Arrears 1,730.77 1500.00

HRA Arrears 692.31 600.00

Basic Salary 9000 / June month day 30 = per day 300 so from 26th June to 30 June = 5 days amount is 1500/-

So pl suggest the same as it is very very urgent I have to run the payroll for July month.