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Jul 30, 2013 at 08:42 AM

FM - Change fund center in PO, GRN & INV doc


Hi All,

I am trying to change FC in PO, GRN & INV docs, FC already there there in PO, WE & RE doc I just want to re assign it. I am using following steps:

  1. FMCN - Passing PO# (Purchasing Document), Fund Center (New FC to be changed), Overwrite old account assignment in the documents (Checked), Select only documents with no funds center account assgt (Unchecked). – NO DOC SELECTED IN THIS RUN?
  2. FMCT – I am able to run this for KR doc
  3. FMAVCREINIT – To reconcile FM reports

Please suggest the process to change PO, GRN, INV doc FC.


Vishal Pant