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Jul 29, 2013 at 07:20 PM

Understanding High Processing Time (ST03N)


Hi guys.

After reviewing a couple of long running jobs, i came up with this one which has odd values

# Calls 600.000

DB Records 58.829

Seq Records 112.107

Sequential reads 378.211

Direct Reads 26.690

Accesses 162.963

CPU Time 74031 ms

CPIC-/RFC Time (ms) 0 ms

response time (ms) 21296994 ms

Waiting Time (ms) 0 ms

Processing time (ms) 21116018 ms

Load time (ms) 13 ms

Generation time 0 ms

Roll-In + wait time (ms) 1 ms

Database time 180962 ms

# Views Datenbankproz. 0

Total time DB Procedures 0 ms

Off Time ms) 0 ms

Block number 0 ms

Report Load time 8 ms

Load time screen (ms) 0 ms

CUA load time (ms) 5 ms

Roll-in operations 14

Roll-out processes, 12

Roll-In-Time (ms) 1 ms

Roll-out time (ms) 1 ms

Roll Wait Time (ms) 0 ms

As you can see, 99% of Response Time, comes from Processing Time, but there is little CPU Time & Database time, and none waiting.

Does it means CPU Bottlenecks? How can you breakdown Processing Time values to determine what is causing this?

Which notes are helpful to understand this? I came with these notes but any explanation would be appreciated.

Note 1014072 - High response time in transaction STAD or ST03 or ST03Nb

Note 8963 - Definition of SAP response time/CPU time

Note 376148 - Response times without GUI time

Note 805934 - FAQ: Database time

Note 110686 - Different response times ST03, ST07

Thanks a lot for you help.