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Jul 29, 2013 at 11:59 AM

ELSTAM - GERMANY - Clarifications


Hi All

We are in process of setting up ELSTAM for our system. I have reviewed the notes released by sap however it has only given only a fair idea of the business process post ELSTAM coming in to place.

Could you please explain the below terms in respect to ELSTAM

  • Registration -

  • De Registration -

  • Agent

  • Clearing House

  • will clearing house act as point of receiving and sending data?

  • What sort of information will be sent to clearing house?

  • what sort of information will clearing house send to our system?

  • assuming the setup for elstam go live is complete - what are the sequence of steps for the very first time? within this what are the one off things to do for go live and what are the other recurring activities?

  • any retro calculation of payroll for the go live?

Appreciate your time if you could help me undertstand above question