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Jul 29, 2013 at 08:47 AM

"delete from shared memory" - counting cluster tables


Hi everyone,

i'm pretty new to ABAP development.

I need to count how many lines get deleted by the following code. Therefore I need to turn the delete-statement somehow into an select-statement and then get the sy-dbcnt.

l_key = i_worklid.DELETE FROM SHARED MEMORY bank_pp_srv_pck(01) ID l_key.DELETE FROM SHARED MEMORY bank_pp_srv_pck(02) ID l_key.

I really do not have any experience with cluster tables.

Any ideas on how to write an select statement for this cluster table?

My first thought was a simple:

SELECT COUNT( * ) FROM bank_pp_srv_pck WHERE l_key = i_worklid. 

Thanks in advance,