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Jul 29, 2013 at 07:55 AM

VPRS to COPA.... Standard cost exists and No Standard cost


Hi experts-

I am having this confusion in mind from very long time..Please some one clear my confusion...

Client activated the Costing based COPA.

VPRS condition type has been assigned in KE4I.

in KEPC assigned costing key in the combination of Procurement type( E) and Sales document type combination( If there is no Standard cost in this combination system will through error)

if procure type is V system wont ask for any costing.

In COPA report i have the breakup of Standard cost estimation.

in Sales order if you have Procurement type E or F, VPRS will update with material cost and same will update in Respective value field in COPA.

My requirement is i want VPRS into COPA if procurement type is F only( Irrespective of Sales document type)

If I map VPRS in COPA (ke34) report this is duplication in case of Standars cost exists, if not map i miss the Cost of some materials( no standard cost)

How can i achieve???

Please explain how can i map this...