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Jul 28, 2013 at 06:07 AM

Available amount in negative despite of strict AVC check



We are facing an issue in our CAPEX related commitment item for a fund center whose budget deficit is also not been shown in FMAVCR01. Attached image can be seen which shows Available budget has gone negative, i am unable to track how it went negative because document journal does not show this amount in full. Have tried AVC reinitialization and FMAF but no use.

Furthermore when i try to post another commitment to this budget , system lets me post . This is very unusual behavior, client does not want available budget to go negative at all, there are certain cases in which due to nature of entries system makes available budget go negative. e.g financial Aid given to student is taken back so an adjustment entry is passed crediting the commitment . Please guide me why is system not checking consumable budget .



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