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Hi all,

I'm using the FM META_READ_TABLE to read some tables in ECC.
I'm having problems reading a field of a table with type DEC 9 5 (Table COOI Field WKURS).

If this field has a value grater than 1000 the FM returns a wrong value with a star after the two first digits. I mean, if I have a value of 1.135,00000 the FM returns *35.00000. With values below of 1000 works fine. In this table the are other numeric fields, but with diffent type (CURR, QUAN...), and this fields are Ok.

I've tried to fill the parameter table FIELDS with only this field and filling the field TYPE with several values, but nothing works...

Do you know what can be the problem?
Maybe I need to create a custom FM in ECC to call as RFC to retrieve this data.

Thanks in advance.

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