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Jul 26, 2013 at 12:43 PM

File to RFC Sceanrio Help Encoding


Hi Gurus

I am working on file to rfc scenario. Sender is the file cc and we need to process the PIPE (|) delimited file. The scenario was working fine when the payload is not having any Kanji Characters (Japanese) and now when the payload is Kanji Characters (Japanese). I have used the encoding as UTF-16 and now the file which has kanji characters are picked up and sucessfully processed in moni and data is being written to the RFC.

But now i am facing any issue, if in th file there are no Japanese or Kanji data, then that file is being picked up by the file adapter and i am unable to see the message in moni, but when i check in the RWB and CC monitoring in the Audit log i am getting the following Information"
Converted complete file content to XML format" and warning "Empty document found - proceed without sending message". The file which was processed is not empty, i have checked the file.

We will be receiving files from clients with or without kanji characters, please help me over come this issue.

Thanks in advance