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Sep 16, 2005 at 08:29 PM

Incorporating F4 lookup ability on a web input field


We have web applications developed for a BW 3.1C SP18 system. I was wondering if the following request is possible or worth trying at all.

Our cockpits developed for a given area allow the users to pick various filter values from selection boxes (e.g. Division, Plant, etc.) and then we use JavaScript and the Web API to format command lines when they choose various menu reports. This works very well and allows them to make selections without having to fill in a variable screen every time.

However, there are some characteristics like Customer or Material which would contain far too many values to think about putting in a dropdown to choose from. I know the easiest thing to do is just have the user fill these on selected queries through a variable screen before the report comes up. But would it be possible to give the user a lookup (like the F4 on the variable screen) on an input field in an initial web page?

I tried some experimentation with this by placing an image beside the field that mimics the regular variable lookup. Then I was trying to pop-up a window that would give them the standard variable value selection -- passing in the CMD=PROCESS_VARIABLES, SUBCMD=VAR_VALUE_HELP, and hard-coding the variable name involved. This worked fine and allowed for selection of a specific value.

Where this breaks down is once they make the selection. It then takes over standard variable functionality by returning to the variable entry screen. I do not know how to capture the value they select & pass this back to the calling page.

Does anyone have any ideas on whether or not this is doable? I'm guessing SAP would not recommend trying to call some of this functionality in a way other than what it is used as standard. And there is not a web item in the Designer to create a basic input field off a query characteristic.

Any input would be appreciated. Thanks...

Jody Chassereau