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Jul 25, 2013 at 10:32 PM

How is these PSIS_GEN_EBAN_NP and PSIS_GEN_EBAN_PR structure get created?



I have added several custom fields in EBAN table, then requirement changed, I need to remove couple of my custom fields from EBAN. I was able to removed from EBAN table, but when I tried to remove the Data Element for those fields, it said it was in used by these structures...



The short description for these structure said- "Generated structure for LDB PSJ. Do not modify manually."

I have looked at the attributes from these structures, they are created/changed by one of my users. Unforturnately, that user doesn't remember what she did, she was just testing some T-codes and just messing around with the system (as we are very new to SAP).

I am thinking of may be she generated some reports???? It automatically generate those structures? Can anyone give me some pointer as to how these structures get generated and how to get rid of them or re-generated again to reflect the "correct" structure?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks