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Jul 25, 2013 at 11:49 AM

Finance Data source Query


Hello, I have a question regarding 0CO_OM_CCAA_1 data source. I read this document

so it tells me that


The fiscal year (0FISCYEAR) and posting period (0FISCPER3) characteristics are filled by the fiscal year period field (0FISCPER) in the InfoSource."

but my question is if some one posts something back-dated. like if some one posts a document in July 2013 and make the posting period as March 2012. so when i pull my data using FULL extraction by FISCPER field for the year of 2012, I will not see that document right? then if i do a pull for the year of 2013 then I will fetch that document but then it will be placed in my cube as 007/2013 right? also if an end-user is doing a query by posting period then he will not see this document in the year of 2012 but he will see it in 2013 right? please let me know.

if so then this will cause data integrity issues between ECC and BW right? so how do we rectify that. the datasource does not give me Posting period field so that i can use that to do the pull from ecc. so how do i fix that? would i have to do an enhancement to my datasource? please let me know.