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Jul 25, 2013 at 11:29 AM

Shipping point in VKDFS



When a sales document is due for billing it creates an entry in VKDFS. In our system for VF04 batch job, we have 3 different variants with selection on shipping point BAN1, BAN2 and BAN4 (different variants for each shipping point).

But issues arises when order contains multiple items and few of them are without shipping point. (e.g. installation item which is not shipping relevant.)

When first is delivery relevant the shipping point of that item is copied to VKDFS.I have noticed that when first item is not delivery relevant shipping point is not updated to VKDFS and it remains blank. As a result billing due list job does not pick up the document for billing.

So, is it always the value of shipping point in first line item that is copied to VKDFS?

Is there any way to update the available shipping point at 2nd or any line item to VKDFS?