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Sep 16, 2005 at 02:13 PM

Multi-planning areas



I have two planning areas <b>AREA1</b> and <b>AREA2</b>.

The structures of these areas are mostly identical except for 1 or 2 fields.

I need to copy two <u>"volume"</u> fields (a <i>numeric</i> value) from <b>AREA1</b> to <b>AREA2</b>. One of the fields has the same technical name, and the second name differs between the two areas.

<b>(i.e. AREA1: VOL001 --> AREA2: VOL001

AREA1: VOL013 --> AREA2: VOL022)</b>

So, I have created a multi planning area <b>MAREA3</b> (which contains <b>AREA1</b> and <b>AREA2</b>).

I created a planning function in MAREA3, under which is a FOX Formula. In this formula, how do I copy these two values?? I have read documentation but dont understand if the data from these 2 areas within the multi-area are merged based on common data, or remain completely independent. In this case in my FOX formula, wouldnt I have to copy these 2 values for common data between AREA and AREA2?