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Jul 25, 2013 at 09:52 AM

A/P Down payment Request TAX Problem



I have face one problem in SAP B1 9.0 in A/P Down Payment Request entry is as below,

In A/P Down Payment Request, when we are making entry for an Item of lets 1 qty of Rs:100 and a select a Tax Code of 16%(Some time supplier want tax amount in advance payment) then the document total is coming to Rs:116.00.

From Outgoing payment when we making the payment against that A/P Down Payment Request, it's make a payment of Rs:116.00.

In Journal entry it's post a entry in VAT Control A/C for Rs:16.00.

Since we are posting A/P Down Payment Request then in Journal Entry Tax amount should not come because it's a payment request.

Journal Should be like below as per account principle

Supplier A/C ------ Dr 116

To Bank A/C -------- Cr 116

Can any body help me how to solve this problem in SAP B1 9.0 PL4.

Thanks &Regards,

Rahul Kumar Singh