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Jul 25, 2013 at 05:24 AM

Solution Documentation Assistant (Sodoca) Reverse Process Creation


Hi everyone

There is a variety of functionality we wish to utilse in Solution Manager (Test Workbench, Business Process Change Analyser etc), however all these great features require projects with business processes captured in SOLAR01 and SOLAR02.

We haven't created any business processes in this space and I was thinking of using SoDocA to assist in this process (as follows):

1 Run SoDocA analysis

2. Write back all processes/transactions/reports to a project

3. Strucure your transactions/reports in processes that make sense

I have completed step 1 and have ran the SoDocA analysis for the last 3 months in Production (so I have a list of the most used transactions, custom transactions, BADI's etc).

My question is, how do I complete step 2 and input this into a project? Do I have to do this manually??? Or is there a process I don't know about that automatically writes these into a project?

If it's manual, it's going to take forever 😔.........................