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Jul 24, 2013 at 11:56 PM

Web Dynpro Navigation Links



I have two questions about web dynpro navigation.

There are other people in the community with the same doubts without receiving precise answers.

Some documentation says that exactly one navigation link can originate from one outbound plug, although this can lead

to a series of target views. The arrangement of these target views is not qualified, which means that all target views

are controlled at the same time. In contrast, an inbound plug can be controlled by several outbound plugs.

My first question is: Since you can create as many plugs as it is necessary for navigation, what is the purpose of having more than one or several navigation links for each plug ?

The second one is: If there is a reason for the question above, how to set/address the navigation paths between views choosing each of the several navigation links(attached to each plug) when firing the outbound plug method ?