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Jul 24, 2013 at 09:00 PM

Output error on assigned 'LOCL' printer from OMLV


Dear Experts,

I've searched all over the SCN with no avail.

Here is what I need.

I like a TO to print from 'LOCL' printer of whoever generated the TO.

For that, I tried two different settings in OMLV.

First, I simply assigned printer 'LOCL' to the storage location combination that I want from 'Warehouse Movement' in OMLV.

Second, I didn't assign any printer in 'Warehouse Movement' and didn't check "PriSrcTyp" box in OMLV.

In addition, assigned no printer in 'Storage Type' of OMLV.

As a result from the second setting, expectation was that SAP will look at the user default printer in 'Defaults' tab of SU3 for an output.

Well, both settings didn't succeed. Though both generated a spool records, they are with 'Error' status thus no TO printout.

Why SAP wouldn't print a TO to 'LOCL' printer on both instances?

How can I make a TO to print to a 'LOCL' printer?

Any input on resolving this problem is greatly appreciated.