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Jul 24, 2013 at 08:11 PM

Return balance to the contract using service aquisition process


Hello all...

I am having a problem to return the diference between the service purchase order and the service entry sheet back to the contract.

The situation is:

1 - Value contract (WK) with target value $1000,00 with one service master with unity price $100,00

2 - Purchase order using contract with 10 units of the service mater (10x$100,00=$1000,00)

3 - Service entry sheet with 8 units of the service.

4 - Miro using the service entry sheet for 8 units of the service.

5 - Another service entry sheet empty just informing the Final Entry function.

SAP supposed to return the balance back to contract.

After all of this, my contract should have $200,00 of balance a i will be abble to creat another purchase order of 2 units of the service, but SAP dosn't allow me to create another purchase order, informing that the contract dosn't have value to create another purchase order.

Need help!