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Jul 24, 2013 at 07:02 PM

One batch requirement and MRP


I'm looking for advice on how the following situation can be handled. This might be more of an SD issue I'm not sure. Seems to span a number of modules so I thought I would try here first.

SAP ECC 6.0 system, BASIS release 701, to support pack SAPKB70106.

As a rule, batch managed materials, make-to-stock.

A customer requires their order to be filled by one batch. For simplicity sake, lets say they order 50 ea.

We have the following batches on hand.

Batch 100010 of 30 ea

Batch 100020 of 25 ea

Batch 100030 of 5 ea.

Order confirms but obviously we don't have a batch size of 50.

MRP runs at night but won't create a planned order since we have 60 ea on hand and only one order for 50.

Next day we get an order, (or even several orders), for the same material but the order size is 15. And the customer(s) doesn't care how many batches we use to fill it. My understanding is that this order won't confirm because the existing order requiring 50 is holding 50 of the 60 units leaving only 10 when we need 15. But these 50 can't be used to fill the original order anyway. This causes MRP to run and show a requirement of 5. When we really need an order for 50.

A solution has been proposed to enter a dummy batch number (0 inventory) into the order. Then replace that dummy batch at a later date with the real batch number once a larger batch is made. This allows the smaller order, (multiple lot orders), to be confirmed, filled and shipped.

This whole thing seems to come down to MRP not honoring the single batch requirement set up in batch determination for the customer.

Does any one have any suggestions or ideas about this process or another way we could deal with it?