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Jul 24, 2013 at 06:10 PM

How is SAP HANA Live content delivered/installed?


Hello experts, there seems to be a lot of materials out there explaining the various components that are available for "HANA Live", which in my mind equates to a set of predefined calculation views that sit on the respective source system tables. In the Suite on HANA scenario, the ECC tables can be consumed by the views in order to speed up implementation.

My question is simply - how are these HANA Live models delivered? How would one make use of these?

From a BW perspective, business content would need to be installed using a tcode. From a HANA perspective, are these delivered in the "sap" content package with any given HANA appliance or are there extra licensing implications for the use of the models, like RDS service?

Depending on the answer to the delivery question above, would these also be delivered for HANA implementations in a sidecar approach?