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Jul 24, 2013 at 05:08 PM

High Memory consumption under Remote Desktop Services


We are seeing a peculiar issue in our environment. We have deployed SAP GUI and NWBC in a Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (2008 R2) farm environment with six RDS hosts. The only applications installed on the hosts are Microsoft Office, Adobe Reader XI, SAP GUI and NWBC.

When our users log in and use either application, everything works beautifully. When a user running NWBC disconnects, the NWBC.exe process in that user's session starts consuming large amounts of RAM. The process normally runs in about 240MB to 330MB of RAM, depending on how many tabs, etc. The instant the user disconnects, the NWBC.exe process begins consuming large amounts of RAM. It will usually plateau at around 1.5GB of RAM in about two minutes or so ... it doesn't consume all of the RAM instantly. As soon as the user reconnects to their session and accesses the application, the memory immediately drops back down to around 300MB. As long as the session is active, idle or not, the memory utilization remains constant. When the user manually disconnects OR the session times out and goes into a disconnected state, the RAM consumption begins.

Has ANYONE else ran into this or heard of this? Is there anyone out there running NWBC in an RDS environment? Any guidance or help from SAP out there?

Thank you,