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Jul 24, 2013 at 01:08 PM

Datacleansing - how recognize and process duplicate contact person


Hello All,

after migrating 3 systems to one SAP CRM System we are facing the problem, that we have duplicate accounts and contact persons.

Now we want to solve this problem by data cleansing. In principle it seems to work but a few questions are left.

1. How to identify duplicate contact persons?

After merging account A with account B, the contact person from account B was also appended to account A. The contact person in account A and account B has the same name. Should the data cleansing not suggest to merge this two contact persons into one instead append the contact person?

2. How to merge contact persons within one account?

We have also data where we have duplicate contact persons in one account. How can we use data cleansing in this case -> merging contact persons or are there other options?

Kind regards