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Jul 24, 2013 at 01:19 PM

sold-to-party attribute field is not filled automatically


Dear consultants,

We have a problem for on our Solution Manager's service desk. Our system is Solman 7.1 SP08.We have three VAR customers. One of our customer has a problem related to incident management work center. The others are ok. All master data of our customers were created automatically at the same time, according to data's by background jobs.

When our customer wants to create an incident message on work center, message is created successfully, but sold-to-party field is empty.

But, with same user, our customer can create message via transaction code NOTIF_CREATE.

If the message is created via NOTIF_CREATE, sold-to-party attribute areais filled automatically by the system.

We have checked our business partner and organisation definitions via trancaction code BP . All of them seem correct. Identification tab for ornanisation and business partner has correct values for systems, customer number etc. Relationship between organisation and users of organisation seem correct.

Also, IB52 definitons are correct. All level of this customer, " IB52 --> Customer no or system --> go --> partner " has definition for sold-to-party and customer's organization is available on this page.

We have checked tables v_aisapcustnos, aiinstallations, AIINSTACCESS etc. All necessary columns are available.

Also, roles and profiles or customer's user is checked.

Is there any solution for this problem?

Best regards,