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Jul 24, 2013 at 10:47 AM

What is 0CURRENCY used for?



I just have a gap in knowledge...can you help me fill it????

I know (or at least beleive I know, correct me if I am wrong!!!):

If our Company is in EUR, we have customers who are in GBP and we report to Head Office in USD

0DOC_CURRCY is the Document Currency i.e. the currency the Document was created in (in this case GBP)

0LOC_CURRCY is Local Currency i.e. the currency your Company is defined in (so is the Company Code Currency) (in this case EUR)

0STAT_CURR is the Statistical Currency i.e. the currency we convert to for Financials Consolidated report to Head office (in this case USD)

So, what is 0CURRENCY used for?