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Jul 24, 2013 at 07:31 AM

Multiple Add Commands (Crystal Report ) and Report Source (Visual Studio)



I am using crystal sap reports for Visual Studio 2010 . My problem is that I want to develop a report with complete graphical chart and data,

Can you please tell me how to add multiple add commands for Example .. !

Command 1 for details data.

select column1, column2 from table1 where column1 = "ABCD" or column2="DEFG"

Command 2 for Graphical chart.

select column4, column5, count(column6), sum(column7) from table2 where column4 = "blah blah" group by column4, column5

Similarly Command 3 for Graphical chart.

select column3, column5, count(column9), sum(column1) from table3 where column4 = "blah blah" group by column3, column5

Another poblem is that

I want to Set Report DataSource and pass linQ query from visual studio for fetching data then please tell me how to pass above 3 commands query from Visual Studio to show report.

Thanks & Regards

Syed Adeel Ali