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Jul 24, 2013 at 06:03 AM

Address_key issue in ADDRESS_INTO_PRINTFORM in ECC6.0


Hello All,

Recently we have upgrade from 4.7 to ECC6.0 and due to this , We are facing issue in Address layout. We are using ADDRESS_INTO_PRINTFORM function module in our custom development.

I have checked the issue arises only in our custom related Address_key ( 900 to 999), Because I checked few of the code part which are available in Old version is not available in Newer version.

Like . In Old FM ADDRESS_INTO_PRINTFORM does have the below code part , which is populate the structure ADRS_POST, which is responsible to flag Domestic address (g_is_domestic_address) . and the missing code part is

PERFORM read_normal_address

USING g_address_number


CHANGING adrs1_name






Which is not available in New version in Perform Prepare_for_callback ( Include LSADRF16 ).

Also I have checked that code part to fill the variable land_spras is also missing in ECC6.0, So that it will always pick the login language.

And Missing code part is

IF g_sender_country = space.

MOVE sy-langu TO land_spras.

CLEAR *t005.

ELSEIF *t005-land1 NE g_sender_country.

SELECT SINGLE * FROM t005 INTO *t005 WHERE land1 = g_sender_country.

IF sy-subrc = 0.

MOVE *t005-spras TO land_spras.


MOVE sy-langu TO land_spras.

CLEAR *t005.



In ECC version code part is commented out like below

IF g_sender_country = space.
MOVE sy-langu TO land_spras.
CLEAR gs_t005_2.
ELSEIF gs_t005_2-land1 NE g_sender_country.
* IF NOT go_cfg_t005 IS BOUND. "*1777d+
* go_cfg_t005 ?= cl_config_control=>get_access_if(
* iv_interface_name = 'IF_COUNTRIES_CFG_T005'
* iv_also_disabled = c_yes ).
* TRY.
* gs_t005_2 = go_cfg_t005->get_entry( g_sender_country ).
* land_spras = gs_t005_2-spras.

Please let me know, do we miss any thing in customization, Or is there any OSS note which help me in getting the missing code part?

Thanks in Advance