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Jul 23, 2013 at 10:53 PM

Changing a SID at 710 from the newuserconcept to classicuserconcept Y


Hi, I am starting a 720 kernel upgrade for a PI system (710) that was installed with the "newuserconcept" set, (CLASSICUSERCONCEPT environment variable is N). So, the IBMi host has no R3OWNER or SIDGROUP user profiles. For the 720 kernel upgrade, note 1636252, doesn't seem to have considered this. eg. The command FIXSAPOWN *NONE SAP_TOOLS fails, when you change the environment variable CLASSICUSERCONCEPT to Y, as it tries to change the objects owner to R3OWNER (does not exist). Creating R3OWNER with CRTSAPUSR, and running this again succeeds, but then APYSIDKRN fails as <SID>GROUP does not exist. The SID IFS directories don't have SIDGROUP as the primary group.

Note 1139318 explains converting to the "newuserconcept" where user profiles R3OWNER, <SID>NN, <SID>GROUP, SAPSE<SID> are no longer used at release 710, but I would like all customer environments (ECC, BI, and PI) to have the same Operating System user authority structure. Can I change the PI system to go back to the CLASSICUSERCONCEPT Y? I would then need to change object authorisations in the SID specific IFS directories and libraries?