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Jul 23, 2013 at 05:49 PM

how can I get labor % of cogs?


I have set labor as a child item on bom's.

I have set the labor item as standard cost, and not inventoried item, and part of the Labor item group where I have set up the expense account that will be credited upon SI posting.

I see that when receiving a Production order, labor expense is reduced, and moved to the asset side, associated with the parent item.

When the item is sold, the COGS expense includes both labor and material. This account is specified by the item group associated with the parent item, and there is only 1 COGS account that can be hit.

How am I to see what % Labor is?

If I expense all labor when I post payroll, then the labor expense is reduced when I post the SI for the parent item. The labor is moved to the asset column. But when the item is sold, it never gets included separately as labor. Labor gets clumped together in a generic "COGS" account.

Please explain how to use SAP B1 so that I can track labor %