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Jul 23, 2013 at 02:09 PM

How to grant access to Root Package Privilege


Hi Experts,

I am facing trouble when I am trying to grant Root Package Privilege access to one of my custom role through the DB Procedures. I don't want to grant this access directly as run time object. I want to define the role as a Repository / Design-time object and hence using DB Procedures to define the role.

I executed the sql command below:

grant REPO.READ on ".repo_package_root"


and getting below error message:

Could not execute 'grant REPO.READ on ".repo_package_root"

to "JJ_Security::ZH1_ITDV_XXXXX_HANA_DEVELOPER"' in 27 ms 264 µs .

SAP DBTech JDBC: [424] (at 6): invalid name of

package: .repo_package_root: line 1 col 7 (at pos 6)

The error is saying invalid name of the package. I tried couple of

other names like "Root" or "Root Package" etc. None of them are working

and giving same error message.

Please let me know how to grant privilege on Root Package.

Note that I am able to grant Privileges to specific Packages. The issue is coming when I am trying to grant Root Package access. Our developers need access to the Root Package so that we don't need to grant every individual package privileges separately.