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Hierarchy with Postable nodes

Hi All,

I am trying to create a Cost Center hierarchy with postable nodes, but am not clear of the steps for the same.

I have to Plan for Cost center's which are in a hierarchical grouping. example

CC Group 1

Unassigned (#)

Cost Center 1

Cost Center 2

CC Group 2

Unassigned (#)

Cost Center 3

Cost Center 4

and I need to plan at the Group level as well as the Cost Center level.

Could anyone help me with the steps for the same, as I am not able to find the details for the same in SAP Help nor in any topic discussed earlier in the forum.

Looking forward to your response.


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3 Answers

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    Sep 16, 2005 at 09:27 AM


    You have two possibilities.

    A) You can create a BW hierarchy with the 2 characteristics (Cost center + CC Group) that you are interested in. In the first screen of the layout select hierarchy, the hierachical datamodel and BW hierarchy with postable nodes. This is quite good if you already have this type of hierarchy

    B) The second alternative is to use a "BPS hierarchy" build by means of characteristic relationships. Let's say that CCGroup is an attribute of Cost Center. Build a characteristic relationship of type atribute with this two. Then go and in you layout select BPS characteristic hierarchies.

    That's basically it, the totalling logic if easy. just practice a little bit and you will see the difference.

    Cheers mate,


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      Can you please help me urgently. Why am I also getting "bw hierarchy with postable nodes" option disabled in the layout, whereas I have correctly created a hierarchy in BW of product group and products.

      Thanx in advance.



  • Oct 04, 2005 at 05:50 PM

    Is the hierarchy created on Costcenter Info-object? If no, then try creating on Costcenter & use cost center group as external characteristic.

    Also have both costcenter and costcenter group in the planning level

    I am using a similar scenario, and it works.

    Hope this helps


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  • Oct 04, 2005 at 08:07 PM


    there seems to be some confusion about BW hierarchies with postable nodes and BPS hierarchies. I recommend to read the F1 documentation in the corresponding pop up of the first screen of the Layout Builder.

    1. Both hierarchies are used for 'budgeting', i.e. for an inner hierarchy node there corresponds a leaf with the 'not assigned' budget. These leaves are not ready for input, the inner hierarchy nodes are ready for input. (more details in F1 documentation)

    2. BW hierarchy with postable nodes

    If one wants to do budgeting on a costcenter hierarchy,

    all ⚠️ nodes (leaves and inner hierarchy nodes) are costcenters:

    4711 (inner node)

    --4711 (dummy leaf, system generated, not assigned budget)

    --4712 (leaf)

    To use this type of hierarchy in a planning layout, use the BW hierarchy in the planning level/package, then set

    the flag BW hierarchy with postable nodes in the first screen of the Layout Builder

    3. BPS hierarchy

    In this type of 'hierarchy', the hierarchy structure comes from characteristics, i.e. there is a 1-1 correspondence of the 'hierarchy' levels and the characteristics. So e.g.

    one uses a characteristic 'costcenter group' for the first

    level and 'costcenter' for the second level. There is no

    BW hierarchy needed here. Use a layout with 'costcenter group' and 'costcenter' in the leadcolumns and set the flag 'BPS hierarchy'. The the system generates the necessary hierarchy on the fly, more details in the F1 help.

    4. As in 3 but no budgeting.

    Use the non-hierarchical data model, use the same layout as in 3 but use the option in the third screen of the Layout Builder to display the sub totals in a hierarchical way. Then the totals/subtotals are not ready for input. But in BW3.5 and the Excel frontend one can use the flag 'calculate data locally' in the first screen of the layout builder. Then the totals are ready for input, values will be automatically distributed top-down (e.g. same, even or with respect to reference data, values can be 'locked', etc.)

    I hope this information is helpful.



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