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Jul 22, 2013 at 07:59 PM$exception.javax.resouce:ResourceException


Hi all,

I am working on Message Broker (Middleware) and I am facing issue with the Idocs as the Idocs which are sent by SAP are not reaching our MQ server. It was working fine earlier but suddenly it stopped working, I investigate SAP side as well and they told that Idocs are sent from the port with 03 status. SAP basis team is saying that everything is fine but in sm58 T code we saw t there was a error displaying JCO Exception: JCO ResourceException. Can any body tell what the exception is about and is it the connecivity issue. Can anybody please help me in this. As I am not SAP guy I am not able to understand what the exact eception is about. Please help me in this. Thanks in advance