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Jul 22, 2013 at 02:45 PM

BODS Scheduled Jobs Don't Execute After Moving Databases


I am fairly new to Data Services and I having issues scheduling jobs in the Data Services Management Console.

I recently moved my CMC and Repository databases to a different SQL Server. I am able to connect to the new repository database within Data Services Designer and run my jobs interactively. When I try to schedule a job in DS Management Studio, the job never executes.

I submitted a ticket to SAP support but was told that they no longer support this version of Data Services. They suggested I do the following:

  • Log on to the DS Managment Console
  • Expand the list of repositories under Batch
  • Click on my repository
  • Click on Batch Job Configuration
  • Click on "Export Execution Conmmand"
  • Open Windows Explorer
  • Navigate to ..\BusinessObjects Data Services\log
  • Edit the .txt file for my scheduled job to show the new server name insead of the old one
  • Execute the .bat file
  • The job works fine when I execute the .bat file manually
  • The job does not work if I try to schedule it in DS Management Studio

Does anyone have any suggestions on what I may have missed when I moved my databases that would cause the scheduler to still look for the old database server? I don't want to have to do these steps every time I want to schedule a job. Not to mention, the jobs scheduled through DS Management Console don't run anyway. What am I missing?

I was told that support ended for this version in March 2013 and they recommended that I upgrade to the latest version of DS. I am a BusinessObjects only customer running BOE EDGE 3.1 SP4. I believe that I will need an additional license to run DS 4.x. I don't plan to upgrade my BOE till 4.1 is out and stable.

I am hoping someone out there can tell me what I am missing and hoping it is a simple updated to the job server or database to point the schduler to the new SQL Server. 

I am on Data Services

SQL Server 2005

Tammy Datri

Applications Manager

Grane Healthcare