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Former Member
Jul 22, 2013 at 12:22 AM

Migrate application in 7.3


Hello All,

I am trying to migrate a KM application in 7.3 and I am unable to resolve the following 4 import references:

import com.sapportals.wcm.repository.service.statemanagement.IStatemanagementManager;

import com.sapportals.wcm.repository.service.statemanagement.IStatemanagementResource;

import com.sapportals.wcm.service.urimapper.IUriMapperService;

import com.sapportals.wcm.service.urimapper.UriMapperServiceFactory;

From the javadocs I see that these are a part of tc/kmc/wpc/wpcfacade and tc/km/frwk, but I cannot locate the jar files which will resolve the above references.
Can someone please help me with this ?

Thanks and regards,