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Jul 21, 2013 at 11:00 AM

Lost records in old deltas


Hello all experts,

I have an issue, there was a delta that took a lot of time to render 0 records and so i changed the QM status to green and deleted it. After loading the delta again it got successful. But as i reconed the report it was lacking records. So my guess is that the delta i deleted has missed the records. My search on forum says that i should make the psa requests QM status red(not ok) and request delta again, as the the request was few requests old I made all of them red and ran delta again. The total record of red requests is 290196 recs. The requested again delta bring only 38257 recs. My question is will this repeat delta mechansim work for just previous delta or multiple delta requests that have QM status red (not OK) and they are not updated in target. My delta method of Datasource is queued delta. Please help as its a 0IC_C03 cube and its PRD environment.



issue.png (224.9 kB)