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Jul 20, 2013 at 09:11 PM

AFM (Application Function Modeler) - SAP HANA SPS 06 - Issue with AFM


Hi All,

I am using SAP HANA SPS 06, on this I am trying to use Application Function Modeler - which is an additional feature in XS for using PAL using modeling features.

I have completed the prerequisite as mentioned in the following videos:

  1. AFM: Getting Started with the Application Funct... | SAP HANA
  2. AFM: Authorizations | SAP HANA
  3. AFM: Kmeans analysis | SAP HANA

In 3rd Video there is a file "kmeans.aflpmml" is created and when the instructor double clicks on that a window opens in HANA studio and on the right hand side we can see the "Functions List" - please refer the image below - from the video

But In my case - after following all the steps from the video I am not able to see the same " Functions List" please refer to the image below:

Please help - how I can get all the "Function - List" as shown in figure 1.


Kumar Mayuresh.


video image.JPG (65.2 kB)
empty.JPG (32.1 kB)