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Jul 19, 2013 at 02:39 PM

the content of RSTSODS was cleared, is there anything i can do to recover?


the RSTSODS was cleared by me.

now everyone cannot access to datasource and if try run a dtp process on some infopackage.

err message would occur and show 'there are no psa tables for these selection criteria'...

is there anything i can do to recover it?

if it helps, how this happened:

i failed to extract a loaded infopackage to DSO, Message no. RSDS198 occured:

(now i know it's a released bug which is explained and solved in Note 1038923)

Request blahblahblah not extracted; request is in obsolete version of DataSource

Message no. RSDS198


The request blahblahblah was loaded into the PSA table when the DataSource had a different structure to the current one.

Incompatible changes have been made to the DataSource since then and the request cannot be extracted with the DTP anymore.

System Response

The request is in PSA /BIC/B0001467, version 000.

The current PSA version is 001.

An extraction would lead to a short dump because of field incompatibilities.


If you no longer require the data, you do not need to take any further action.

If you do still require the data, you can just extract it by creating a generic DataSource in the Myself source system in PSA /BIC/B0001467, version 000.

You can find the technical name of the PSA table in the table RSTSODS with the specified PSA name and version.

Convert the data using a separate transformation into the new target format.

then i check the RSTSODS table, there r two versions of /BIC/B0001467.

i try modify the table through SE14(refer to

and oops, it's cleared...but nothing get through from then on...

btw if somebody can explain what does 'Convert the data using a separate transformation into the new target format.' mean, i'd be appreciate a lot.