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Jul 19, 2013 at 02:03 PM

PA field and order settlement


I have three questions:

we have around 300 value fields, I can use KEA6 to display, but how to export value field and description to excel, any table can be used?

within 300 value fields, I have around 120 value fields which are cost/expense, I want to know how to test in Period 1, 2013, the set of value fields with negative posting in COPA, currently I have to check CE1A000 table for each of the 120 value fields one by one.

for expense/cogs value field posting from FI, in CE1A000 table, it shows " negative sign", we also have CCA assessment to COPA, and we maintain assessment cost element and value field in the cycle, when it transfers to PA, CE1A000 is updated with positive figure, how to change config, so CE1A000 will show negative sign for those value fields updated from KEU5?

we are using make to stock, production order is settled, Dr: Production variance 3000, PA document is generated with variance value field VV020 "+3000" USD, but according to the user, this is not correct, PA value field for expense/cogs should be negative sign????

in KEi2, I already map variance account with value field in "FI transfer structure"

, I have read a lot notes, but plus/minus sign from above scenario is not mentioned.